Free Comic Book Day 2013

Free Comic Book Day is again once upon us and as we plan and scheme the things to come, we will share them with you here. That means you’ll want to bookmark this page and check it often!


We are thrilled to include Brian O’Halloran as our guest of honor for our annual Free Comic Book Day celebration! Brian had the staring as Dante in Kevin Smith’s breakout movie ‘Clerks’. After the success of the first film, Brian repraised his role in many of Smith’s other movies, including ‘Clerks II’, ‘Dogma’, ‘Mallrats’ and ‘Clerks the Animiated Series’. Brian has returned to his theatrical roots and working with the Boomerang Theater Company, New Jersey Repertory Company and the Tri-State Actors Theater and in New Jersey.


Not only will you be able get a full fledged autograph and photo, keep an eye out for more details on our Meat and Greet we’re planning with Brian!

Meet & Greet details here:

There is a small fee for autographs, $25 for up to 2 items, time permitting. You are welcome to bring your own item to have Brian sign, but you will also be able to select from photos. We will also have photo opportunities available. For $35 you can get your photo taken with him and printed on the spot!

Ryan Francis is joining the guest list as well!  Ryan is known for playing Darren the Nerd in the cult B-Horror classic ‘Thankskilling’. He also has produced and starred in a new film titled The Biker Warrior Babe vs The Zombie Babies From Hell! Http:// Check out his Indigo campaign to support his upcoming project.


We’ve got a great list of artists and writers planned for you too! From local favorites who have been with us every year since we started to seasoned pros who have worked for Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse and more!

Our comic guest of honor is Rodny Ramos. Rodney has been a professional penciler/inker in the comics industry for over 20 years. He has worked for many companies including DC and Marvel Comics, Marvel Comics U.K., Valiant, Acclaim Comics, Malibu and Continuity with Neal Adams. His work can be seen in such titles as “Green Lantern”, “Batman”, “Deadpool”, “X-Force”, “Spider-Man”, “Gambit”, “Captain America”, “Booster Gold” and much more! And your opportunity to meet the inker for Sinestro Corps War is May 4, 2013!

Our artist alley will be swimming with talent!

Free Comic Book Day 2011 125
Dirk Manning – Dirk Manning is the writer/creator of NIGHTMARE WORLD and TALES OF MR. RHEE for Image/Shadowline Comics, the author of the “WRITE OR WRONG” column at, and the co-creator of FARSEEKER at with Len O’Grady.He loves life but hates ninjas. Cthulhu is his homeboy.

Matthew Swift – Matthew Swift is an illustrator, with a background in graphic design and painting. He works with the top companies in the entertainment and comic book industries. Matthew’s work has been seen by millions worldwide on Forbes TV, G4TV, TechTV, and other networks. His work can also be found in games available for the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Sony Playstation 3, and Microsoft Xbox 360 video game systems.

Dawn Best – Dawn Best was discovered by comic book artist/writer Ken Penders when he requested she submit artwork for an original script. Her premier issue of Sonic was issue #101 (2001), and her last to date was issue #145 (2004). After leaving Archie, Best remained active in the comic book community by appearing as both guest and attendee of conventions and holding annual charity auctions of original artwork. She has since been credited with contributing to several other graphic novels as both artist and writer, including original web serials Sylvanna and Heißdampfreaktor. In 2010, she began production on her independently published graphic novel series, VARULV, which became the premier comic book released by her own Gloryhound Network in February 2011.

Jamie Snell – Jamie Snell studied illustration and graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design. Jamie has been working on and off as a freelance illustrator for over 10 + years. Some of his credits include various sketch card sets from Topps (Star Wars: CW Movie and Seasons 1&2, Galaxy 4&5, ESB Widescreen, Terminator Salvation, Heroes Season 2, Indiana Jones Masterpieces & Crystal Skull, Lord of the Rings Masterpieces 2), 5finity: Voltron sketch cards, IDW Publishing: Beastwars Source book, Image Comics: Popgun Anthology Vol.1 , and various other inking projects. Last year Jamie had the privilege of producing two exclusive Star Wars posters for Lucas Films, Ltd, and Acme Archives: Celebrations V (Official Star Wars Convention) official print and the 30th Anniversary of Empire Strikes Back.

Tom Williams – Tom Williams began self publishing shortly after graduating college. Floating back and forth between making mini’s and commissions. The award winning creator has had work published in anthologies big and small. His debut graphic novel (with Brian McLachlan) No Dead Time has been published in the US and Spain. Tom holds a BFA in Visual Communications from CCAD. He also continues to show and paint.

Travis Perkins is a freelance artist who got his first big break when he started coloring flats on the Harvey Award Nominated comics “Rainbow In The Dark” and “Uniques Tales”. Ever eager to learn and hone his craft, he eventually worked his way up to assistant colorist and is now breaking out on his own with the publishing of his very first sketch book “Something From Nothing”.

Molly Durst – Molly Durst is a professional, award winning graphic and web designer. She is a lifetime learner who is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in web development, and has earned a scholarship from the Print Industry of Northern Kentucky and Ohio to pursue this goal. Molly’s love of books began early (both of her parents are teachers). This passion for book arts drives her to self-publish her own stories. Her love of indie media and subculture attracts her to the bizarre world of small press comic books. Molly’s work can be found here:

Joshua Peters – Joshua Peters returned to CCAD in 2005 and began his studies under the tutelage of many talented instructors including C.F. Payne, Andy Bawidamann and Dave Groff. While he was there, Josh was showcased in the 9th, 10th, and 11th Art of Illustration shows presented by CCAD. His incredibly cool “Over the Line” piece even brought home the C.F. Payne Judge’s Pick award at the 11th. Not only that, but Josh’s “Foo Fighters Poster” was exhibited in New York City at the annual Society of Illustrators Student Exhibition in the spring of 2008. His most recent release is the new child’s book Matilda Turnips Endless Belly Button. See more of Josh’s work at

Seth Lyons – Seth Lyons is a professional graphic artist Absolute Impressions Inc., a Lewis Center based print shop. He’s also illustrated comics for a local publishing company, working on Stiletto Heights and Johnnie Zombie. After sitting in front of computers all day, designing for companies like Verizon, WCOL, and others, he decided it was time to return to basics. Painting the characters he loved in his youth and still today; Seth creates and sells highly detailed paintings of beloved comic, movie, and television characters. Also known for his love of insane collage pieces featuring hundreds of characters, Seth enjoys the time spent with his now growing family.

JD Larabee – JD Larabee is an Ohio native who has been drawing freelance cartoons, comic strips and comic books for over 20 years. J.D. is most know for his gag strips and art in the indie comic book ‘Johnnie Zombie’. JD has provided the artwork for many children’s books, and done animation work on several web series. Most recently his work was part of the hilariously infamous and politically incorrect ‘Uncle Pete’s Play time’, as well as numerous shorts and character designs for Mr. Frights.

Mike Eshelman – Mike Eshelman has created his own unique art form bringing his love of the past with his creative and relaxing hobby of art. From music to video games, DEVO to Commodore 64, he’s a man of the 80’s. With hundreds of hours and thousands of beads, Mike creates 8-bit fused beads art masterpieces. Samples of his work can be found on his website

Todd Beistel  – While still in high school, Todd self published Eye of the Probe, a comic anthology. He then went on to study illustration and graduate from CCAD. While in college, Todd wrote and illustrated Lost Souls, a graphic short story. Lost Souls was published by Hunter Productions.As years passed, Todd’s interests evolved into fine art and graphic design. As a dedicated artist, he has been featured in venues throughout Ohio. On several occasions, he has contributed illustrations to accompany columnists such as Dave Barry and Click and Clack. Currently. Todd is a web designer in Hilliard, Ohio and Co-creator and artist on the ongoing comic book Yuri: The Awakening as well as illustrating The Horror Show written by James Maddox of Broken Icon Comics. On several occasions, he has contributed illustrations to accompany columnists such as Dave Barry and Click and Clack. In addition, Todd fulfills freelance design commissions as well.

Michael Anthony Carroll has self-published comics in central Ohio for over 25 years. He specializes in stick figures, small ninjas and comics about his experiences with asthma, drawn by hand and digitally. You can find his art online at:

And making their second trip to Packrat for FCBD is Mikey’s Late Night Slice pizza truck! Yeppers! They’re coming back and bringing more saucey goodness to our superhero fun filled afternoon!

In addition to the free comics, we’ll have games and prizes for kids!

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During our annual nerd night party we’ll have some comic book poker and other games with the following bands lined up so far for our live musical enjoyment:
The Fritz
Nerd Table

Join Packrat Comics for our annual FCBD bash and Nerd Night celebration! You know you’ll have fun! Invite a guest or two and plan on spending the day! Because you can’t make it through in just a few minutes!